szász: Oldtimer Cars

E szász is the builder of a series of great oldtimer cars. Although we prefer placing the figs side by side szász has convinced us with a wide range of shapings and great colour combinations. Looking forward to further vintage cars from szász!

D szász hat eine ganze Serie sehr schöner Oldtimer produziert. Obwohl wir Fahrzeuge bevorzugen, die Continue reading

Benjamin Heining: Oldtimer Truck ZIL AMO F-15 (LDD)

ZIL AMO F-15 by Benjamin Heining

E This great russian vintage truck ZIL AMO F-15 was designed by Benjamin Heining, a very talented dutch AFOL. Benjamin provides an LDD file of that stylish vehicle, too, which is very kind.

D Dieser russische Oldtimer-Lkw ZIL AMO F-15 stammt von dem äußerst talentierten niederländischen AFOL Benjamin Heining. Benjamin bietet netterweise eine LDD-Datei zum Download und Nachbauen an. Continue reading