Monorail Train (7w) with PowerFunctions

E This PF monorail train was built in May 2013 – a time when the moving cars were still far away. Anyhow the monorail will be an important part of the future city – there’s nothing that can replace this amazing concept.

In my view the existing monorail can be integrated very well in smaller city layouts, but I wanted to have something that moves more realistically than the usual monorail trains with their high speed and abrupt stops. So I opted for Continue reading

Alternative Monorail System “Solorail”/Alternatives Monorail-System aus günstigen Teilen

E This ingenious Monorail system by arminpfano (inspired by Masao Hidaka) is built only from cheap parts.

D Dieses ingeniöse Monorail-System von arminpfano namens “Solorail” (inspiriert von Masao Hidaka) Continue reading