Model Show in Goes (The Netherlands)/Lego-Event in den Niederlanden

Zeelandhallen, Goes (NL)

E On 22 and 23 February 2014 there was a large model show held in Goes, the Netherlands. In addition to railroads, ships and all kinds of vehicles there was also an area with a large Lego exhibition, where many nice MOCs were shown. Also present was the world famous (in the Netherlands) Incident City – the city were everything goes wrong.This was provided by De Bouwsteen (the largest association of Lego fans worldwide). 

D Am 22. und 23. Februar fand im niederländischen Goes (Zeeland) eine Modellbauausstellung statt. Ein Teil dieser Ausstellung war für De Bouwsteen reserviert, mit ca. 800 Mitgliedern die größte LUG weltweit. Zu sehen gab es vor allem MOCs aus dem Town-Bereich, darunter die in den Niederlanden sehr bekannte “Incidenten City” – eine Lego-Stadt, in der die Feuerwehr immer sehr viel zu tun hat (siehe unten).

Incident City, by André Overeem en Evert de Graaf

Incident City, by André Overeem and Evert de Graaf

Lego Friends 41056 Heartlake News Van

Lego Friends 41056 Heartlake News Van

E New from LEGO Friends:
The first set at a decent price with a male Minidoll and the first set featuring the 45 deg “cheese wedges” in yellow colour.

D Neu bei LEGO Friends:
Meine Highlights bei diesem Set: Endlich mal eine männliche Minidoll in einem “bezahlbaren” Set und die ersten 45°-“Käseecken” in gelb. Dazu gibt es noch allerlei Steine und Platten in sonst eher seltenen Farben und ein paar coole Utensilien für Figuren.

LCS 1.0: A dream come true/Ein Traum wird wahr

E   First off I must say that this is the fulfillment of a dream. From the beginning I was not only interested in building cars but in building cars suitable for minifigs and in finding ways to combine them with a town surrounding. Now what could be nicer than to have even moving vehicles within a town? So many thanks to my dear friend Altezza whose invention of a slot road made this possible. Many thanks to Nils O for many useful advices, and last not least to Na Dine who provided quite a few parts. More →

Modified 10184 Movie Theater with Fiber Optic/Kino mit Fiber-Optic-Beleuchtung

Brucewaynelego-Toyshansolo combines fibre optic with his modified 10184 town plan movie theater.

Ebenfalls eine fast vergessene Technik, mit der Brucewaynelego-Toyshansolo sein modifiziertes Town-Plan-Kino mit Lauflicht versieht: Fiber Optic. Sehr schick! Auch ganz ohne Fremdteile ist so etwas also möglich.

Car Museum (10211 MOD) + SNOT plate road system


Hi all,  here you can see my modded GE, turned into a car museum. It’s based on an earlier MOD some of you might already know, see . I’ve used a second set to enlarge it and built a sign. There’s not much of an interior yet, but at least it may be used as a shelter for the cars. Anyway I am not too fond of interiors you can’t see from the outside – here you can see enough to believe it’s a car museum. It has an open back so that there’s enough light within the building.

But the main aspect here is rather the SNOT system used to build streets and pavements completely out of bricks. I’ve developed this together with my dear friend Altezza (Michael). Actually we don’t know if it has been done like this before – of course there are SNOT streets and pavements, but maybe not exactly combined like this. If it’s already existing, hopefully we may use it. Continue reading

Baby Blue


This is the Rod belonging to the Garage project, see here. It’s called Baby Blue. The colour design is inspired by L@go’s brilliant 4w car of the same name, see The driver is Jake Raines (hard to recognize because of the hairstyle), known from “Pharao’s Quest”. In fact the rod is derived from the Vintage Truck (see, but turned out to something quite different. Continue reading