Ecto-1 9 Volt Light and Sound

Ecto-1 9 V (revised) by ER0L
Ecto-1 9 V (revised), a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E At first sight I was a little disappointed that the new Cuusoo Ecto-1 (which is an amazing set, the best Cuusoo set yet) has no stickers as logos. But then I recognized that I will be able to use the printed slopes as well – and that’s a weight off my mind, since for me as kind of purist the Cuusoo set is the only way to get Ghostbusters logos on my own Ecto which otherwise looks a bit “naked”. Looking forward to June!

D Auf den ersten Blick war ich etwas enttäuscht, dass der neue Cuusoo-Ecto (ansonsten ein geiles Set, mit weitem Abstand das beste Cuusoo-Set bislang) keine Aufkleber als Ghostbusters-Logos hat, sondern dass diese aufgedruckt sind. Umso größer meine Erleichterung, Continue reading

LCS 1.0: A dream come true/Ein Traum wird wahr

E   First off I must say that this is the fulfillment of a dream. From the beginning I was not only interested in building cars but in building cars suitable for minifigs and in finding ways to combine them with a town surrounding. Now what could be nicer than to have even moving vehicles within a town? So many thanks to my dear friend Altezza whose invention of a slot road made this possible. Many thanks to Nils O for many useful advices, and last not least to Na Dine who provided quite a few parts. More →