Search Function: Low 2-seater/Niedriger Zweisitzer

E Squeezing minifigs into cars is often a tough job. Either the car looks good, but the fig doesn’t fit. Or the fig does fit, but the car looks like it’s owned by some giants from another dimension. Some people even mutilate their figs to get them seated – they just take off their legs. Horrible! Now Search Function has found a way to fit the figs into very low cars which even don’t look out of scale if the fig is standing beside them – which is very nice. It’s quite refined and requires some sophisticated SNOT work (see below).

D Minifiguren in Autos quetschen ist ein hartes Geschäft: Entweder das Auto sieht gut aus und die Figur passt nicht. Oder die Figur passt, aber Continue reading

szász: Oldtimer Cars

E szász is the builder of a series of great oldtimer cars. Although we prefer placing the figs side by side szász has convinced us with a wide range of shapings and great colour combinations. Looking forward to further vintage cars from szász!

D szász hat eine ganze Serie sehr schöner Oldtimer produziert. Obwohl wir Fahrzeuge bevorzugen, die Continue reading

Police Interceptor (LDD)

Police Interceptor (New LDD!) by ER0L
Police Interceptor (New LDD!), a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E This 7w+ cop car was built in December 2011. It fits 2 whole cops with hats. Dean0rama made the LDD file of it (thanks Dean!).

D Diese Polizeischleuder wurde im Dezember 2011 gebaut. 2 komplette Minifig-Cops inklusive Mützen finden darin Platz. Dean0rama hat netterweise die LDD-Datei erstellt (danke Dean!). Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only

Lotus turbo esprit by My Lego Creations
Lotus turbo esprit, a photo by My Lego Creations on Flickr.

E   Ben has built this great 7w Lotus Esprit from the James Bond 007 movie For Your Eyes Only. As you might know, Bond needed two of them in that movie due to the somewhat strange engine immobiliser of the white one. Anyhow the starring car in that movie was no Lotus at all, btw.

D   Von Ben stammt dieser schicke Lotus Esprit aus dem Bond-Streifen In tödlicher Mission aus dem Jahr 1981. Wie man sich erinnert, benötigte Bond gleich zwei davon, da Q Continue reading

V8 Diner (ER0L’s Garage 1.0)


This is the first step of a bigger project which is meant to feature the cars. This part consists of a 50s style Diner with a sign and a small gas station (rather part of it). And there is a new Rod, too, which is called Baby Blue.

There are some traces of different stuff in it which I tried to melt into something new. It’s not meant as a design study, but as a functional thing – something being used by minifigs. That means that if there is a barstool they must be able to sit on it – even if more beautiful barstools can be imagined. The diner has a detachable roof and a detachable back. The main points here are the slanted columns and the large windows.

Some details: Continue reading