Ben: Li’l Red Express Truck

E Ben has already featured on BW with his amazing Lotus Esprit. Now, after a long building process, he delights us with his great 7w Li’l Red Express Truck, a 1978 Dodge pick-up truck – in fact a hot rod straight from the manufacturer. They don’t build them like this these days … We love the muscular shape and the colour combo – and those pipes, of course. Stephanie wants one!

D Ben hat schon mit seinem starken Lotus Esprit auf BW beeindruckt. Heute Continue reading

Monorail Train (7w) with PowerFunctions

E This PF monorail train was built in May 2013 – a time when the moving cars were still far away. Anyhow the monorail will be an important part of the future city – there’s nothing that can replace this amazing concept.

In my view the existing monorail can be integrated very well in smaller city layouts, but I wanted to have something that moves more realistically than the usual monorail trains with their high speed and abrupt stops. So I opted for Continue reading

LCS 1.0: A dream come true/Ein Traum wird wahr

E   First off I must say that this is the fulfillment of a dream. From the beginning I was not only interested in building cars but in building cars suitable for minifigs and in finding ways to combine them with a town surrounding. Now what could be nicer than to have even moving vehicles within a town? So many thanks to my dear friend Altezza whose invention of a slot road made this possible. Many thanks to Nils O for many useful advices, and last not least to Na Dine who provided quite a few parts. More →