Canadair CL-215 PowerFunctions

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Canadair CL-215, a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E This minifig scale Canadair CL-215 amphibious waterbomber with PowerFunctions is able to taxi via LCS (see video). The cockpit fits 2 minifig pilots.

D Dieses Löschflugzeug, eine Canadair CL-215, ist mit 3 PowerFunctions-Motoren ausgestattet. Per LCS kann es sich über eine Rollbahn bewegen (siehe Video)

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Two Roadsters/Zwei Roadster

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Two Roadsters, a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E A snapshot of Na Dine’s copy of the red Roadster. I really love her black version with those nice rims.

D Der kleine Schwarze für die Minifrau von Welt: Schnappschuss eines Roadster-Nachbaus von Na Dine in Schwarz. Sieht sehr gut aus mit diesen Felgen, wie ich finde.


Painted Lady (San Francisco Style Modular Building, 21w)

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E This modular (built in July 2013) is meant as one of the famous Painted Ladies in San Francisco, the idea being borrowed from Henrik Hoexbroe who has built a whole row of them. In a larger scale you can find them in Legoland California, too. The future town will probably have some Frisco stuff in it, at least there’s already a very fine Cable Car built by Altezza which will be shown here too, of course.

There is no interior, but, since cars are still important, a working garage door. The garage even fits the full-size cars. Due to the SNOT road and pavement system there is no usual baseplate, so a width of 21 studs is no problem. Building in an odd width widens the range of possibilities, e.g. you can have cheese on both edges as you can see in the frieze at the gable.

Some details:

  • The pillars at the bottom of the staircase are shortened versions of the ones used at the Gas Station.
  • The curtains at the windows of the second floor are made out of bridal veils.
  • The garage door (probably) has a new mechanism which allows any width (see below).

Some more pics:

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Shell Art Deco Style Gas Station/Shell-Tankstelle im Art-Deco-Stil

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Shell Art Deco Gas Station, a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E This Shell Art Deco Gas Station, built in March 2013, is a part of a larger project named “ER0L’s Garage” and as such will be seen in the town project.  

D Diese Shell-Tankstelle im Art-Deco-Stil, gebaut 2013, ist Bestandteil eines größeren Projekts namens “ER0L’s Garage” und somit natürlich auch des Stadt-Layouts.

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Red Carpet (Academy Awards)/Oscar-Verleihung 2014

Palace Cinema - Academy Awards by ER0L
Palace Cinema – Academy Awards, a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E Starlet and director arriving at the Palace Cinema. Hundreds (if not thousands) of minifigs are present to see their stars walking the red carpet. Streets are so crowded that the stars must be escorted by the police. This must be the Caddy of the starlet:

D Starlet und Regisseur bei der Ankunft am Palace Cinema. Hunderte (wenn nicht Tausende) Minifigs sind vor Ort – sie wollen ihre Stars auf dem roten Teppich sehen. Die Straßen sind so voll, dass die Stars von der Polizei eskortiert werden müssen. Hier sieht man den schwarzen Cadillac des Starlets:

E And the Oscar goes to …

D Und der Oscar geht an …

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Monorail Train (7w) with PowerFunctions

E This PF monorail train was built in May 2013 – a time when the moving cars were still far away. Anyhow the monorail will be an important part of the future city – there’s nothing that can replace this amazing concept.

In my view the existing monorail can be integrated very well in smaller city layouts, but I wanted to have something that moves more realistically than the usual monorail trains with their high speed and abrupt stops. So I opted for Continue reading

LCS 1.0: A dream come true/Ein Traum wird wahr

E   First off I must say that this is the fulfillment of a dream. From the beginning I was not only interested in building cars but in building cars suitable for minifigs and in finding ways to combine them with a town surrounding. Now what could be nicer than to have even moving vehicles within a town? So many thanks to my dear friend Altezza whose invention of a slot road made this possible. Many thanks to Nils O for many useful advices, and last not least to Na Dine who provided quite a few parts. More →