Canadair CL-215 PowerFunctions

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Canadair CL-215, a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E This minifig scale Canadair CL-215 amphibious waterbomber with PowerFunctions is able to taxi via LCS (see video). The cockpit fits 2 minifig pilots.

D Dieses Löschflugzeug, eine Canadair CL-215, ist mit 3 PowerFunctions-Motoren ausgestattet. Per LCS kann es sich über eine Rollbahn bewegen (siehe Video)

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Two Roadsters/Zwei Roadster

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Two Roadsters, a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E A snapshot of Na Dine’s copy of the red Roadster. I really love her black version with those nice rims.

D Der kleine Schwarze für die Minifrau von Welt: Schnappschuss eines Roadster-Nachbaus von Na Dine in Schwarz. Sieht sehr gut aus mit diesen Felgen, wie ich finde.


D. P.: Cessna 172 Skyhawk

E This beautiful Cessna 172 Skyhawk was built by D. P. We really love the sleek design and great details on this aircraft. Plus it fits two figs which is even more amazing (see below). Hopefully we’ll see this in the brick! Take a look at D. P.’s MOCpage to see the different colour schemes of this fine airplane.

D Diese wunderschöne Cessna Skyhawk stammt von D. P. So etwas lieben wir natürlich ganz besonders: Schöne glatte Linien, aber trotzdem tolle Details. Und das Beste: 2 Figuren passen auch noch rein (siehe unten). Auf der entsprechenden MOCpage von D. P. gibt es noch mehr Farbvarianten zu sehen.

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Painted Lady (San Francisco Style Modular Building, 21w)

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E This modular (built in July 2013) is meant as one of the famous Painted Ladies in San Francisco, the idea being borrowed from Henrik Hoexbroe who has built a whole row of them. In a larger scale you can find them in Legoland California, too. The future town will probably have some Frisco stuff in it, at least there’s already a very fine Cable Car built by Altezza which will be shown here too, of course.

There is no interior, but, since cars are still important, a working garage door. The garage even fits the full-size cars. Due to the SNOT road and pavement system there is no usual baseplate, so a width of 21 studs is no problem. Building in an odd width widens the range of possibilities, e.g. you can have cheese on both edges as you can see in the frieze at the gable.

Some details:

  • The pillars at the bottom of the staircase are shortened versions of the ones used at the Gas Station.
  • The curtains at the windows of the second floor are made out of bridal veils.
  • The garage door (probably) has a new mechanism which allows any width (see below).

Some more pics:

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Benjamin Heining’s M.A.N. DIY: Submissions/Einsendungen

Submissions of creations using Benjamin Heining’s M.A.N. DIY file/Einsendungen von Kreationen auf der Basis von Benjamin Heinings M.A.N. Do-it-yourself-Kit

Nightfall: Version with hydraulic platform/Version mit Ladebordwand

Alex Sonny: Flatbed truck with Cromwell tank/Tieflader mit Cromwell-Panzer

Since the tank is clearly meant to be a museum object this might be the only military MOC you’ll ever see on BW./Da der Panzer klar als Ausstellungsstück zu erkennen ist, machen wir eine Ausnahme, was das Bloggen militärischer MOCs betrifft.

Many thanks for the submissions. We’d love to see more of this stuff. To be continued …

Shell Art Deco Style Gas Station/Shell-Tankstelle im Art-Deco-Stil

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Shell Art Deco Gas Station, a photo by ER0L on Flickr.

E This Shell Art Deco Gas Station, built in March 2013, is a part of a larger project named “ER0L’s Garage” and as such will be seen in the town project.  

D Diese Shell-Tankstelle im Art-Deco-Stil, gebaut 2013, ist Bestandteil eines größeren Projekts namens “ER0L’s Garage” und somit natürlich auch des Stadt-Layouts.

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Search Function: Low 2-seater/Niedriger Zweisitzer

E Squeezing minifigs into cars is often a tough job. Either the car looks good, but the fig doesn’t fit. Or the fig does fit, but the car looks like it’s owned by some giants from another dimension. Some people even mutilate their figs to get them seated – they just take off their legs. Horrible! Now Search Function has found a way to fit the figs into very low cars which even don’t look out of scale if the fig is standing beside them – which is very nice. It’s quite refined and requires some sophisticated SNOT work (see below).

D Minifiguren in Autos quetschen ist ein hartes Geschäft: Entweder das Auto sieht gut aus und die Figur passt nicht. Oder die Figur passt, aber Continue reading

Boise Bro: “Full House” Victorian/Wohnhaus im San-Francisco-Stil

E Another amazing house builder is Boise Bro, completely unknown to us till to date. This victorian building  (one of the typical “Painted Ladies” of San Francisco) is inspired by a TV show named “Full House”. Now this is really top-notch building: nice techniques, a lot of great detailing, but not over the top, all in all well balanced and very stylish at the same time. There’s a fantastic interior, too. This is a building style we really love, also because of the sheer size which meets quite well the scale we’re aiming at, too. We’ll surely keep track of this builder.

D Boise Bro war uns bis dato völlig unbekannt. Dabei gehört dies sicherlich zum Besten, was es derzeit im Bereich Häuserbau gibt. Bei diesem “viktorianischen” Wohnhaus im San-Francisco-Stil ist praktisch alles erfüllt, was uns besonders freut: Continue reading

Ben: Li’l Red Express Truck

E Ben has already featured on BW with his amazing Lotus Esprit. Now, after a long building process, he delights us with his great 7w Li’l Red Express Truck, a 1978 Dodge pick-up truck – in fact a hot rod straight from the manufacturer. They don’t build them like this these days … We love the muscular shape and the colour combo – and those pipes, of course. Stephanie wants one!

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Andrew Tate: Riverbank Cottage

Riverbank Cottage by snaillad
Riverbank Cottage, a photo by snaillad on Flickr.

E Andrew Tate aka snaillad is surely one of our favourite LEGO architects. His buildings go far beyond the usual CC style, he’s a specialist in terms of Art Deco, and he’s a great car builder, too, a combination which is rather rare. Here you can see his lovely Riverbank Cottage, together with a nice scenery. Very british! The interior is worth a look, too (see below).

Andrew Tate alias snaillad ist einer unserer bevorzugten LEGO-Architekten. Seine Gebäude reichen weit hinaus über den üblichen Modular-Stil, er ist ein Art-Deco-Spezialist und noch dazu Continue reading