D. P.: Cessna 172 Skyhawk

E This beautiful Cessna 172 Skyhawk was built by D. P. We really love the sleek design and great details on this aircraft. Plus it fits two figs which is even more amazing (see below). Hopefully we’ll see this in the brick! Take a look at D. P.’s MOCpage to see the different colour schemes of this fine airplane.

D Diese wunderschöne Cessna Skyhawk stammt von D. P. So etwas lieben wir natürlich ganz besonders: Schöne glatte Linien, aber trotzdem tolle Details. Und das Beste: 2 Figuren passen auch noch rein (siehe unten). Auf der entsprechenden MOCpage von D. P. gibt es noch mehr Farbvarianten zu sehen.


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Painted Lady (San Francisco Style Modular Building, 21w)

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E This modular (built in July 2013) is meant as one of the famous Painted Ladies in San Francisco, the idea being borrowed from Henrik Hoexbroe who has built a whole row of them. In a larger scale you can find them in Legoland California, too. The future town will probably have some Frisco stuff in it, at least there’s already a very fine Cable Car built by Altezza which will be shown here too, of course.

There is no interior, but, since cars are still important, a working garage door. The garage even fits the full-size cars. Due to the SNOT road and pavement system there is no usual baseplate, so a width of 21 studs is no problem. Building in an odd width widens the range of possibilities, e.g. you can have cheese on both edges as you can see in the frieze at the gable.

Some details:

  • The pillars at the bottom of the staircase are shortened versions of the ones used at the Gas Station.
  • The curtains at the windows of the second floor are made out of bridal veils.
  • The garage door (probably) has a new mechanism which allows any width (see below).

Some more pics:

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Tsirane: Airport Fire Dept.


Little works of art with an overkill of details.

E If Steffen Kasteleiner‘s plane ever might crash (let’s hope not), they might want to do so at Tsirane’s City Airport. Because there these awesome Crashtenders are waiting for him. These detailed monsters are so sleek they even might run out a plane.

D Wenn Steffen Kasteleiners Flugzeuge jemals abstürzen (hoffentlich nicht), sollten sie dies auf Tsiranes City Airport tun. Weil er mit diesen wunderbaren und detaillierten Flugfeldlöschfahrzeugen ausgerüstet ist.

NL Mochten Steffen Kasteleiner‘s vliegtuigen ooit een noodlanding moeten maken (liever niet), dan kunnen ze dat maar beter op Tsirane’s City Airport doen. Want daar wachten deze monsterlijk gedetaileerde Crashtenders op ze.