Car Museum (10211 MOD) + SNOT plate road system


Hi all,  here you can see my modded GE, turned into a car museum. It’s based on an earlier MOD some of you might already know, see . I’ve used a second set to enlarge it and built a sign. There’s not much of an interior yet, but at least it may be used as a shelter for the cars. Anyway I am not too fond of interiors you can’t see from the outside – here you can see enough to believe it’s a car museum. It has an open back so that there’s enough light within the building.

But the main aspect here is rather the SNOT system used to build streets and pavements completely out of bricks. I’ve developed this together with my dear friend Altezza (Michael). Actually we don’t know if it has been done like this before – of course there are SNOT streets and pavements, but maybe not exactly combined like this. If it’s already existing, hopefully we may use it.

The idea is to completely omit any studded plate as a base for buildings or streets – in our opinion this decreases the possibilities too much, e.g. it’s difficult to build something with an odd width. Plus there is a problem with baseplates being only half as thick as a usual plate. Our suggestion is a more flexible system: Buildings are set upon a kind of strip footing (5 layers, this matches exactly the height of street plus pavement). The holes withing the footing allow to install a cabling between buildings, if you want to have a lighting.

Any width is possible. Floors can be built either by SNOT or by studded plates, it’s even possible to save the tiled mosaics of GE and FB on the pavement, as you can see.  The width of the pavement (here: 8 studs) must be divisible by two in order to be able to change the direction of the studs SNOT-wise.

As you might recognize this is a kind of start of a town layout featuring the cars and a monorail. Later Altezza will join me – at least we try to fix a standard from the beginning so that the layouts can always be combined. Of course all this must be tested – you can’t think of any requirement in the first place. Any suggestions and questions are welcome, of course.

Thanks for looking!

third bird gesamt interior quarter technique

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